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Grod’s Glory
Grod leaned heavily against the cave wall. His shoulders were slumped forward. The man was exhausted. And frustrated. Grod was really starting to hate all [...]
My Mommy… My Monster
I never realized what my constant fear represented. All I knew on that sunny afternoon was that my mommy was not like all the other mommies in the [...]
Billygoat Revolution
The voice in his head Came without warning Billy goats in Kansas Had just begun horning Jethro heard the voice Deep in his soul He looked to the sky Then [...]
Drill Town
Keeping track of all the children had become routine for Miss Beal. Even after all these years, her students were still a joy. They were also a pain in the [...]
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We are moving posts from the previous site here and expanding in a big way!  Be sure to register…