Billy Goat Revolution

July 19, 2020 - by Ima Looney, Poetry
Billy Goat Revolution


The voice whispered inside his head
And it happened without warning
Just as billy goats there in Kansas
Had just begun their seasonal horning

Jethro felt the message
Deep down from within his soul
He looked up to the sky
Then fell down into a hole

The message, it seemed
Was just a little too late
To save that doomed ranch-hand
From meeting his fate

He lay on his face
’bout twelve feet below
Six fingers broken
Three teeth and a toe

He came back awake
From a strange foggy sleep
The Billy gang had gathered
Glaring down at the creep

For years he had teased them
Taunt, slap, kick and yell
At last that dang farm-hand
Was going straight down to hell

The voice Jethro heard
From himself may not have come
Instead it seemed the Universe, or Earth
Was warning of things soon to be undone

Jethro hurt now
From his back to his toes
Little attention had he given
To potential Billy Goat overthrows

Though he wondered if that fleeting warning had come from above
To Jethro, still, the source was unknown
His body now felt broken
And so his chances were blown

The Billy gang members were stoked
Their hooves scraped the dirt
Jethro then saw, horrified
That fresh was soil hitting his shirt

What the heck are ya dooin?
The farm hand did yell
But soon he was silent
Buried straight down to hell

Their enemy a goner
The Billy Goats arose
If Jethro couldn’t stop ’em
Then who the heck could?

Was this really possible?
Could a Billy gang take control?
Could they bury each human
In a dark stinking hole?


The rampage soon started
With hooves, snouts and legs
They set out to dig human pitfalls
Hoping to drop tyranny to the dregs

Then farmer’s wife Betty
Fell deep into one moat
Which caused farmer Jim directly…

To pump oh so many rounds of deer slugs…

Into several Billy Goat.


Moral: Humans always win


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