PenZoo is a place for you to express yourself and get feedback.  We’ve been around for several years but recently underwent a site restructure, which is rolling out now.

You can interact with PenZoo in a few different ways.

1 – Contributor:  Post your thoughts, stories, opinions, poetry, videos, etc.  If you are interested, proceed to the ZooKeeper page to request a login for creating your own material.  We will email some guidelines to you as well.

2 – Subscribe and receive new posts delivered to your email address (see the home page, bottom left).

3 – Comment on individual works of art (or shart) using Facebook.

4 – Vote up or down using arrows at the bottom of each page.

5 – Enjoy the trainwreck from a distance.  Just remember to keep your fingers out of the cages, as this is called a PenZoo for good reason!

6 – Contact the ZooKeeper directly

The new PenZoo footprint is a work in progress:

With the site makeover, we are systematically building out categories and thus expanding the PenZoo community.

All you have to remember is:  Stay out of the Cage … Let yourself go wild!